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Animal Chiropractic

Did you know that your furry four-legged friend can benefit from chiropractic as well as humans? Animals are just as in need of regular chiropractic adjustments as people are. Unfortunately, an animal has no way of telling us when something feels out of balance.

The same principles that apply to people apply to animals as well. When an animal has a subluxation, this results in added inflammation, decreased healing, and increased pain. As Dr. Donato-Mason is passionate about chiropractic and animals, it was only natural for her to combine her two greatest loves and step into the role of being a Certified Animal Chiropractic (CAC). As a CAC, she is trained extensively in the diagnosis and management of joint, nerve and muscle problems in animals.

How Do Animals Get Subluxated?

Animals experience physical, chemical and emotional stressors just like we do. Physical stressors that are most common include any collisions, falls, or slips while playing or jumping that lead to a subluxation. Chemical stressors occur with poor diet or encounters with harmful substances. And believe it or not, emotional stressors do occur in animals as well!

Here are some symptoms in animals that can be addressed through chiropractic:

  • Difficulty moving from sitting to standing or vice versa
  • Favoring one leg over others
  • Sensitivity to touch around any area of their spine
  • Sensitivity to touch when being groomed
  • Waddling or limping rather than walking in a straight line of motion
  • Difficulty doing jumps
  • Reluctance to be ridden for long periods of time
  • Refusal to pick up a lead or leg
  • Head shaking
  • Bucking under saddle
  • “Hunter’s bump”

Animal Chiropractic Testimonials

  • The overall experience was both beneficial and enjoyable. Rocky, Adrienne and I are excited about our next appointment. I’m sure being a chiropractor ‘for the dogs’ can be challenging at times. However, our experience was ‘pawfect.’
    - Rocky & Adrienne D.
  • Dr. Donato is quite frankly amazing. Issues with some horses I have tried to address in the past and not had the results I wanted – she has fixed them. Horses feel and look so even. Back to big trots and canters and happy to work. In appreciation of Dr. Donato.
    - Debbie D.
  • Your care made a big difference in my dog’s life. She was in so much pain because of arthritis in her hips and neck and you knew exactly how to fix it. Thank you!
    - Framboise (Robyn) D.
  • Nice and relaxed environment. Easy on my Jilly.
    - Jilly (Marlene) C.

What Does the Process Involve?

After a thorough history and physical examination are done, Dr. Donato-Mason will rule in or out a subluxation. She uses specific and gentle adjustments that can help get your pet back to better health. Regular adjustments can get your dog, cat or horse back to better movement and functioning. Routine adjustments can be used to prevent many of the health issues affecting your babies as they age such as arthritic conditions. The key is early detection.

A Devoted Fur Mom

Dr. Donato has been a loving and caring fur mom to Storm ever since February 2015. "Storm is my world," she says. When Dr. Donato is not with patients, meditating or exercising, she is playing with her pup at home, at a dog park, on a walk in the community or cuddling with her at home.

Help us optimize your fur baby's health and vitality by scheduling an initial assessment today! No referral is needed to begin care. Contact us today to get started!

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