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Functional Medicine at
Mason Chiropractic & Wellness Center

stacked stonesMason Chiropractic & Wellness Center is here for you when you’ve visited other health care practitioners and not gotten the results you were hoping to see. You might be having migraines, back, neck or shoulder pain, abdominal discomfort or fatigue, and nobody has been able to tell you why.

Your Health on a Cellular Level

One service that sets us apart is functional medicine, which looks at your health on a cellular level to determine why your body isn’t functioning as it should. Our doctors go beyond the traditional forms of testing and perform functional medicine tests, such as:

  • Absorption, digestion and elimination profile
  • Bone reabsorption assessment
  • Celiac and gluten sensitivity testing
  • Comprehensive thyroid assessment
  • Electric muscle stimulation or ultrasound therapy
  • Lab analysis of blood, urine or hair
  • Metabolic syndrome test

X-rays, electromyography (EMG), CAT scans and MRIs might show that there isn’t anything wrong with your body, yet you’re still having problems. These tests might rule out disease but don’t find your problem. Functional medicine finds the subtle changes taking place in your body that are precursors to disease and starts fixing them so that you don’t experience problems in the future.

Discover what we offer that sets us apart. Contact our office today to discuss how we may be able to help you!


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