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Get Started with the LumaSoothe Light Therapy Unit!


What is the LumaSoothe?

The LumaSoothe Unit is a Light Therapy device designed to help your beloved furbaby feel and heal better!

Light Therapy has been a known healing modality for many years and has tremendous health benefits.

This Light Therapy device can be used superficially for wound healing or for deep tissue repair for arthritis, ACL / Meniscus injuries or other muscle and / or joint dysfunction.

Meet the Doctor

Hi! I’m Dr. Donato-Mason.

I have been a Certified Animal Chiropractor since 2019, and have been using the LumaSoothe on my patients since 2022.

In my time in practice, I have noticed my results skyrocket since adding in the LumaSoothe unit and I have made it my mission to educate as many people as I can about the amazing benefits of this light therapy device.

While I always recommend Chiropractic care, you may not have a Certified Animal Chiropractor in your area, and this device still gives you the option to help your furbaby heal in a more natural way in the comforts of your own home.

It’s time to end your furbaby’s suffering and kick start their healing instead!

Introducing the LumaSoothe


“My girl just loves the light therapy portion of treatment! She closes her eyes and totally relaxes as Dr. Donato-Mason does her thing!” 
- Amber “Molly” G

“I purchased the LumaSoothe for my girl when she injured her knee. Using a combination of the LumaSoothe and Chiropractic care, we were able to avoid surgery and her knee healed naturally! Could not be more grateful for this device!” 
- Matt “Storm” M

“The LumaSoothe helps my boy so much! He always does so much better after his treatments and I am so grateful!”
- Sarah “Rocky” S

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Dr. Julianne Donato-Mason | (330) 219-6250